About the Builder

Milestone Custom Homes

For more than a decade, Chris Rogers and Jerry Fay, the co-owners of Milestone Custom Homes, have stayed true to a simple vision of building exclusive homes with inclusive building practices. In fact, they are one of the only home builders in the upstate that offers a comprehensive range of services that includes design and new home construction, home renovation and real estate sales or exchange service, simplifying the homebuilding and homeownership process.

The Milestone team works with the best in the business including architects, designers, trade partners and the real estate community for a complete approach to home building that minimizes stress and emphasizes open communication.

Milestone Custom Homes developed the Inspiration Home Brand in 2009 as a way to showcase an innovative approach to performance building. Creating a series of mega tour homes for the public over the years—provides a way to exhibit elite building methods and products that can be seen all in one place. The message to the consumer is that no matter the home’s size, owners have the opportunity to integrate the best in building materials, technology and efficiency to produce a home that enhances their lifestyle. 

The 2009 Inspiration Home

Located in the elegant enclave better known as Cobblestone in Simpsonville, the iHome was designed from the ground up to create a one-of-a-kind showplace in 8,000 square feet. Thousands of attendees participated in a guided tour to learn about the technical and design decisions that were made and how easily they could be duplicated in any homebuilding project. 

The 2012 Inspiration Home

There are two very significant differences in the 2012 iHome project that will lure tour participants. The first is that this home is more than 11,000 square feet, and the second fact is that it has been built for a customer that will take residence following the 8-day public tour. Milestone’s commitment to create custom dwellings with the highest lifestyle qualities is hallmarked in this project. This impressive estate home followed a path from design to completed construction in only fourteen months. Tour visitors will not believe the amount of detail and luxury that has been brought to life in such a short time.

Giving Back

Each iHome series is launched on the premise to give back. In 2009 the SC Mountains to Midlands Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure benefitted from tour proceeds. The 2012 effort will benefit Susan G. Komen and the Greenville Humane Society. 100% of ticket sales are being given to charity.

For more information about Milestone Custom Homes, visit www.milestonecustomhomes.com or call (864) 298-0102.